SPAS CONNECT #1 – 3 December 2020 [Watch the Replay]


3 December 2020
5:00 pm (CET)

Join us for an interactive conversation with four distinguished young practitioners from around the world to discuss the present and future of international arbitration 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please remember the event is meant to be interactive, so participants will be asked to keep their cameras on all the time and will be able to ask questions directly to the speakers during the second part of the event (the Q&A session). The participants are also encouraged to submit questions in advance to the moderator Pedro Arcoverde so that we ensure the discussion meets the needs and expectations of the participants. Lastly, please remember the number of attendees will be limited, so if you are unable to attend please inform the moderator as soon as possible so that the ticket can be attributed to someone else (

2020 has turned out very differently from what most of us could have anticipated. The pandemic has upended our personal and professional lives in many ways, and it seems like some of the changes brought about are here to stay. This period may be even more challenging for law students and junior lawyers, as law firms and companies alike have to a large extent frozen or drastically reduced hiring and promotions.  
In this context, SPAS is organising a series of events seeking to connect students and junior lawyers with young practitioners, who may be able to provide advice and some insight into what might be in the making in the world of arbitration. The first event will feature four young practitioners based in Brussels, Geneva, Mexico City and New York who will share their personal stories, perspectives, and predictions. 
The number of participants will be limited so that they can engage directly with the speakers via Zoom. Participants will be asked to send questions in advance on issues such as how to start in the field of arbitration, how to plan a career, how the pandemic has affected their lives and how international arbitration may look a few years down the line.  


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